Pets In Need executive director resigns

By the Daily News staff

Pets In Need Executive Director Al Mollica is resigning, the organization announced this morning, after three of his employees were charged with animal cruelty over the deaths of seven puppies and a dispute with the city of Palo Alto over improvements at the animal shelter.

“PIN’s board and Al are currently working out details including the exact date of his departure,” the organization said. “The board will be meeting over the next few days to determine an interim management structure, plans for the recruitment of a new executive director, and other important transitional items.”

Look for more on this story in tomorrow morning’s Post.


  1. I doubt his resignation was voluntary. I wonder how big his Golden Parachute will be? Maybe PIN can now repair its toxic relationship with the City and the community.

  2. I think I read in the Post the other day that Mollica made $213,000 a year. that’s more than what somebody heading a “charity” that seeks donations should be paid. maybe the board will come to its senses and not overpay its next executive director.

    • Seriously, he also has his wife on staff making ~90K as an editor. PIN has been in a budget crisis all year but his wife remained on staff while they cut back on baby kitten food switching them to an older age bracket food earlier.

    • Yea, Al also has his wife on staff as an editor making around 90k. They’re raking it in and he says PIN is in a budget crisis.

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