Mueller wants to put measure on ballot to preserve city parks

Menlo Park Mayor Ray Mueller
Word Count: 302
Daily Post Staff Writer

Menlo Park Councilman Ray Mueller wants the council to place a parks preservation measure on the ballot to keep housing from being built on park land in town.

The measure, which a majority of the council would have to approve to place on the ballot, bans …
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  1. There should be no building of low cost housing in either the Sharon Heights park area including the pond or the field next to the pond or the shopping center. I absolutely oppose both and any other proposal to further build out the whole Sharon Heights area.

  2. With so many of his contributions for Supervisor coming from developers, looks like he’s playing both sides as usual. This is something council make happen without the cost on an election. Is there a looming threat to parks or is this just a way to get attention?

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