Palo Alto father dies after rescuing child at Lake Powell

Lake Powell. AP file photo.

A Palo Alto man drowned after rescuing his child who was struggling to swim in Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border.

The man was identified as Phil Chiang, 49.

The National Park Service says the family rented a ski boat, toured the lake and stopped in a cove near Warm Creek Bay on Thursday. Two children went swimming without life jackets and one began to struggle. The father jumped from the boat and got the children on the vessel but went underwater.

With the help of three other boats the father was found at least 10 minutes after he went under water. CPR was unsuccessful.

His body was taken to the Utah state medical examiner’s office in Salt Lake City for an autopsy. — By the Associated Press


  1. The reason behind his death is sad and devastating. It should be illegal for anyone to rent any watercraft and operate on any lake without an life jacket.

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