Man arrested for stalking jailer, kept getting arrested to see her

The victim was a corrections officer at one of San Mateo County's two jails, Maguire (top) or Maple (left).

Daily Post Staff Writer

A man became infatuated with a San Mateo County Sheriff’s jailer and kept getting arrested to see her, despite his feelings not being reciprocated, a prosecutor said Friday.

Nathaniel Woodworth, 29, of San Francisco, was arrested on June 13 for stalking the 29-year-old correctional officer, who first booked Woodworth into one of the county’s two jails in December 2019, said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

After booking Woodworth, he became fixated on her, asking for the officer’s full name and telephone number, Wagstaffe said. Woodworth told other jail inmates that he and the jailer were dating, and told the officer that he loves her. Woodworth apparently told other deputies that he kept getting arrested in order to see the officer, Wagstaffe said.

Woodworth was regularly getting arrested for being drunk in public in the time between December 2019 and sometime last year, Wagstaffe said.

The officer was able to get Woodworth moved to the jail where she did not work, Wagstaffe said. The DA declined to say which jail this officer worked at, but San Mateo County only has two jails, Maguire and Maple, both in Redwood City.

But even after Woodworth was moved, his infatuation with the woman continued. When his notebook was confiscated, officers saw that Woodworth would write about his fixation on the woman and even wrote rap songs about her, Wagstaffe said.

One time when Woodworth was released from jail, he continued to stand in front of the jail. When an officer asked why he was still there, Woodworth said he was waiting for the jailer to come out and see him, the DA said.

Took the train to see her

Woodworth disappeared from the San Mateo County jail system for a while, but on June 13, he took BART and Caltrain from the East Bay to see the woman once again, Wagstaffe said.

By coincidence, the woman and her mother were at Sequoia Station in Redwood City when the man got off the train. Woodworth went up to her and said that he missed her and really wanted to see her, according to Wagstaffe.

The woman was not glad to see Woodworth and told him to get the “F away,” the DA said.

This led to Woodworth to begin rapping at her about how much he loves her and wants to have children with her, Wagstaffe said. As the jailer, who was off-duty at the time, and her mother began walking toward Habit Burger, Woodworth got close to her and she pushed him away while calling Redwood City Police.

Woodworth became upset and asked her why she had been so rude to him when he was in jail and that she needed to apologize, Wagstaffe said. Woodworth began causing such a commotion that other people at the shopping center went up to the women to ask if they needed help.

He called the jailer ‘gorgeous’

Redwood City police arrested Woodworth, who told them that the jailer is “gorgeous” and continued to talk about her, Wagstaffe said.

Woodworth was charged on Wednesday with a single felony charge of stalking.

Wagstaffe explained that since stalking occurs over a period of time, prosecutors can only really charge a person with a single count unless the stalker had multiple victims. A stalking conviction can lead to three years state prison, Wagstaffe said.

Meanwhile, Woodworth is in jail in lieu of $10,000 bail and will be back in court on Wednesday (June 23).


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