City releases schedule of re-openings

The city of Menlo Park's Arrillaga Family Recreation Center. Photo from city website.

The city of Menlo Park released a list of types of venues and businesses it will allow to re-open in four phases through December.

The city noted in a statement Saturday that the rate of vaccinations against Covid is rising. In fact, 78% of residents age 12 and older are vaccinated in San Mateo County, which includes Menlo Park,, according to the county health department’s website.

In Phase 1 of reopening in Menlo Park, on specific dates in July, the city plans to allow picnic area reservations to resume; it will reopen the police department lobby, main library and Belle Haven branch library; and Arrillaga Family Recreation Center and the Main Library will resume offering meals for seniors.

Phase 2, in August and September, will include indoor classes and programs for young people and those with special needs; permits for small-scale events; and then indoor classes and programs for the general population and indoor public meetings of city agencies.

Phase 3, later in September and in October and November, will include indoor gyms, general public access to City Hall, and indoor gymnastics.

And, finally, in December, the city plans to resume allowing large-scale events, indoor facility rentals, and “all other indoor access.”

This schedule and additional information about when various activities will be permitted can be found online at

The city called the schedule “partial” and “tentative” and said it is subject to change. More details will be announced later, according to the city’s statement.

Essential city services like police, emergency maintenance and child care continued in-person during the pandemic, but many public services became virtual or were limited to curbside pickup, the city noted. — Bay City News

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  1. The red states opened long ago, moved on, junked the masks, and are experiencing continued downward trend in “cases” while living their lives pre-scamdemic. The people here have been reduced to useful idiots, going along with the nonsense “phased reopenings” which won’t make an ounce of difference, as the complete destruction of our state continues. It’s hard for people to admit they’ve been played.

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