Mediator can’t settle beef over activist’s texts

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Daily Post Staff Writer

An attempt to mediate the dispute between Los Altos Councilwoman Lynette Lee Eng and activist Kenan Moos has failed. Each of them is asking for an apology from the other one.

This all began Nov. 24 when Moos, co-founder …

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  1. Lynette really owes Kenan and the community an apology, and a resignation. She mischaracterized his text to her last November by making it sound as if she had been threatened physically. When the text was revealed, she put up a smoke screen and said she felt threatened, as if she was able to read something into the text that wasn’t written. Maybe that’s how she feels about Blacks in general? Anyway, she’s not fit to serve on council.

  2. Ms Lee Eng owes Mr Moos NO apology.
    She was supportive of BLM from the outset. And of the five council members she alone, a minority, spoke up and for others, especially minorities, in a city where whites hold control (to this day).
    CW’s comments are false and scurrilous. Statements attributed to Lynette were in fact issued by Council members other than Lynette (e.g., Jan Pepper, Jeannie Bruins, etc).
    Mr Moos is but a pawn being played by those hostile to Lynette and other minorities speaking up. That camp includes former and current Council members and their supporters, all with a long history of racism and hostility toward minorities.
    There is racism in Los Altos, the Police are very much front and central in that, and Mr Moos has some legitimate reasons to speak up and out. However he is targeting the one person on Council who, like him, is a minority on Council and has a history of doing the right thing for all, including minorities, in the face of opposition from the other all-white council members and PD.

    Instead of supporting Lynette Mr Moos has been manipulated by the others to oppose her. This needs to be seen for what it is: an attempt to shake down Lynette and other minorities using Mr Moos as pretext and pawn.

  3. And Ms Lee Eng owes the community NO apology.
    If anything it is the community that owes her an apology for allowing this travesty of a shakedown of a minority Council member by those hostile to minorities using Mr Moos as pretext.
    Where were those behind this manufactured outrage and drama in calling out the City’s systemic abuses of housing and other laws (including Code enforcement), police misconduct) and such that were authorized, endorsed, abetted and condoned by current and former Council members (including their prior roles as Chair of the Planning and other commissions)? Their silence and tacit complicity then contrasts to their stances today. Lynette then and now was supportive of minorities, something Moos would do well to educate himself about instead of being the pawn in the games that others hostile to Lynette (and other minorities) are playing.

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