City to consider buying license plate readers for parking enforcement


Daily Post Staff Writer

The city of Palo Alto might spend up to $140,000 on automated license plate readers to catch unpermitted vehicles parked in areas requiring residential parking permits.

Palo Alto City Council will discuss a new $767,000 parking enforcement contract on Monday …

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  1. A citizen’s right to privacy is violated whenever the government records the movements of citizens who are not subjects of an investigation.

  2. And so we start to slip down the slippery slope. First it’s plate readers for traffic enforcement. Then it’s to keep track of protesters. No telling where this will lead. Will the data be available to anyone with a subpoena? How about a government agency that wants to keep tabs on somebody? How would the city be able to tell the FBI or CIA “No”?

    I think it would be simpler if somebody drove around and looked at the bumpers of cars to see if they have the right permits. And ticket those who don’t.

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