Playground fight become subject of legal claim

Daily Post Staff Writer

How litigious is Palo Alto?

A fight on a kindergarten playground that resulted in stitches for one child has blossomed into a full-fledged legal claim that was discussed by the school board in a closed session.

The student victim reportedly fought with another student over a tire swing on Feb. 5 last year, according to the claim. The victim had to get $334 worth of “small stitches” after the other student hit the victim with an object described as a “timer,” the claim said.

The Post requested the claim from the district, which redacted the name of the school and other information. The victim’s parents filed a claim seeking reimbursement of $334 in hospital bills.

The school board discussed the claim in closed session Tuesday (Feb. 9). The board voted 4-1 to reject the claim, with Trustee Todd Collins dissenting.


  1. Dumb decision by the school board to pass up the chance to settle the claim for only $334, even if liability is weak. If the kid’s parents hire a lawyer, it will cost them fair more than that.

  2. what happens the next time a kid is injured in the fight? if the board pays this claim, they’ll have to pay the next one and the one after that … this could be much more costly than $334!

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