Community College District’s board is a year behind on its minutes; new trustee wants that fixed

John Pimentel is a trustee on the San Mateo County Community College District board.

Daily Post Staff Writer

The San Mateo County Community College District has not posted minutes for its school board for a year, making a new trustee saying that it looks like the district is hiding something.

Trustee John Pimentel, who has not been pleased with the lack of up-to-date meeting minutes, asked Claire for a schedule of when the rest of the minutes would be done and to draft a new board policy. …

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  1. No video, no minutes—it’s as if the board doesn’t want the public checking up on them. Glad somebody like Mr. Pimentel was elected. Wonder how many months he’ll go before he flips over to the other side like the other incumbents.

  2. Mr. Pimentel is doing the right thing. This SMCCCD is funded by our tax dollars and the bond dollars were NOT to pay for administrator salaries but for improvement of students programs, services and aging buildings. So the questions rings, given the DA investigation, should taxpayers wonder how the large number of highly paid administrators are paid and are those positions truly needed given declining enrollment, class cancellations and challenges the public are facing simply to survive. Has education became a luxury only for those who can afford it? Perhaps we would know some of these answers if there were minutes from a years’ worth of meeting minutes.

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