Stanford vaccinates frontline doctors after protest

Stanford Hospital residents and fellows protest vaccination distribution plans inside the hospital on Dec. 18, 2020. Twitter: @MikeIssac

Daily Post Staff Writer

Almost all of Stanford Health Care’s frontline hospital workers were either vaccinated or offered an opportunity to get vaccinated for Covid after Stanford apologized for mishandling its initial vaccine rollout, which sparked a protest at the university’s hospital.

Dr. Nirali Vora, director of Stan-ford’s Adult Neurology Residency Program, …

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  1. They vaccinated themselves, and they are sitting on the rest of the doses. All this drama over the development of a vaccine. Now hospitals have it and they aren’t distributing. It’s negligent and ethically repugnant. Just tell us when and where to get the shots.

  2. Stanford got caught a second time giving the vaccine to unqualified persons (administrators, etc), and clearly can’t be trusted with the scarce vaccine. The vaccinations should be handled by a more ethical institution, such as Sequioa or El Camino hospitals, or the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

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