Opinion: We’re not doing a year-in-review story for 2020


Daily Post Editor

Somebody in our newsroom suggested that we put together the “year in review” story for 2020. It’s a staple of newspapers and TV news shows at this time of the year — a look back at the news during the last 12 months.

Absolutely not, I said. People don’t want to re-live 2020.

Then I saw a story in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday (Dec. 18) about how people are burning their 2020 planners to symbolically put the past in the past.

Good idea, I told my wife. I’m going to pick a day to burn everything I can find that’s associated with 2020 in a backyard bonfire.

She said that with my luck, the day I pick will probably be a Spare the Air Day.

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  1. Hear, hear! I never liked those editorials masquerading end-of-the-year news wrap-ups. They never shed any new light, but they are written to conform with the newspaper’s bias. Get rid of them and cover the news.

  2. The shutdown, the businesses that closed, the people who lost their jobs, the wildfires and terrible air, the street riots … all bad news. The only good news …. Trump lost.

    • Agree except the last part. If you’re against the lockdowns, business closures, lost jobs, etc. – who isn’t by now? – then why do you want Biden who is calling for national mask mandates, doesn’t rule out of nation lockdowns (leaving constitutionality aside) and has nominated cabinet heads who favor lockdowns and masks?

      I once thought electing Biden might be a good thing, if nothing else to end the Covid madness, as no President wants to destroy the economy on his watch, but I was wrong, he’s going along with the WHO/CDC/World Economic Forum zeitgeist.

  3. Dave, I hate to break it to you, but despite 2020 being the most bizarre (and worst) year ever in our lifetimes, 2021, 2022 and 2023 will make 2020 look like a walk in the park.

    We’re nowhere close to bottoming out and continued lockdowns will have exponential effect on unemployment, permanent business closures and bankruptcies, evictions, mortgage defaults, bank failures, etc., leading to more suffering, deaths of despair and worldwide starvation, not to mention the medical and mental health effects resulting from the worst economic depression ever.

    And for what? Lockdowns, masks, distancing have not proven to save any Covid lives. The real story for 2020 is how the American people went along like sheep and allowed themselves to be dehumanized by our so-called leaders.

  4. I wish we could review your comparing COVID-19 with the FLU back in March. What a different world we would be living in if Trump wore a mask when the Cruise Ship Arrived and sent everyone $3k to stand down for three weeks except essential workers that would get double time. Also command 7 masks to be sent to everyone.

    • The virus was here in 2019 and through early 2020 before anyone knew it, though the Grand Princess cruise ship was the perfect natural experiment to tell us everything we needed to know about Covid: 3500 passengers, mostly elderly, 700 sick, trapped in “incubator” type environment for several weeks and months, and how many people died? 7. 7 out of 3500. 0.2% died. How many of the seven had underlying health conditions and would have died anyway? We don’t know. Hardly a pandemic.

      Also, corona viruses are endemic, like the flu, chicken pox, measles, etc., so learn to live with it. Crazy ideas like forcing masks on people (especially healthy people), locking down people and businesses, and social distancing, only make the problem worse.

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