City loses lawsuit over utility rates, residents may get refunds in the millions

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Here’s a link to the court’s Oct. 27 “statement of decision” in the case.

Daily Post Correspondent

A judge may soon order the city of Palo Alto to refund more than $12 million to customers of its gas utility after a resident successfully challenged the legality of the city’s gas rates.

The refunds are being ordered in Miriam Green’s lawsuit against the city of Palo Alto. In an Oct. 27 decision …

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  1. Thank you to the reporters at the Daily Post who constantly dig out stories like this. Interesting how the City never said a peep about it. And the Weekly doesn’t write about it until it’s in the Post.

  2. Don Lieber, You can thank Dave Price for his editorial leadership where uncovering government waste of all sorts is concerned. We are fortunate to have him.

  3. Miriam Green is a brilliant shining example of an outstanding fellow citizen who generously donated her money, her time, and her personal devotion to her sense of fairness for the betterment and welfare of her community. I will not fail to acknowledge her and applaud this act of kindness.

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