How Biden’s win will be felt locally

Joe Biden

Daily Post Correspondent

President-elect Joe Biden lists among his top priorities a sweeping infrastructure plan that would inject federal funding into roads and bridges, clean energy, and affordable housing — concepts that may appeal to many Palo Altans.

Biden has said that getting the coronavirus under control is his No. 1 priority as president. But second only to quashing Covid-19 is to “invest in the community, in real infrastructure,” Biden said in an interview last month on the Pod Save America podcast.

Biden’s plan is to “build a modern, sustainable infrastructure …

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  1. The Biden people must think Americans are really stupid. There is no Office of President Elect. The term President Elect is something made up by the media many years ago. There’s no such thing.

  2. There is provision in federal law for transition activities before votes from the Electoral College are officially received – or not received – in January. But the first poster is right that there is no office of “President-Elect.” Indeed, the President and Vice President are not directly elected at all. They are selected by electors in the Electoral College or, when not, by the House and Senate. Here is Trump’s game: stop Biden from getting 270 Electoral College votes until time runs out in December. Get 270 himself or just wait for a vote in the House on January 6. The President is there selected by House members with one vote per state. Republicans will continue in January to hold a majority of members in 26 states. Trump is installed to a second term. The Senate would then pick the next Vice President – if it can. The Senate is controlled by Republicans but might be 50-50 on January 6. Maybe Vice President Pence could break a tie and vote himself a second term. How could Trump and Pence pull this off? Trump told the country he wanted another Republican on the Supreme Court to rule in connection with the election he could only lose through illegality and fraud. Stay tuned. And read the 12th Amendment.

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