School district preparing for a big drop in enrollment

Daily Post Staff Writer

The Palo Alto Unified School District is preparing for a big drop in enrollment. Bond manager and retired Chief Business Officer Bob Golton has advised the school board to hold off on entering into contracts for new construction in part because of declining enrollment numbers.

“We know that the projection prior to the pandemic was a reduction of about 200 …

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  1. And Measure O is on the November ballot to continue the parcel tax at $836 annually for an additional six years.
    PAUSD what are your reasons for voting yes?

  2. I’m voting no on Measure O. Everybody else is taking cuts right now, businesses, workers, etc. The schools should give a discount to tax payers based on how many families leave the school system.

  3. It is a shame that Measure G ($898 million Foothill/DeAnza bond measure) was just a week before the Covid breakout. It unfortunately passed by a very slim margin. Probably would have failed if the vote was just a week later. People will see increases in their property tax bill before the election (i.e., many hundreds of dollars unless you bought a long time ago). Any way for PAUSD to tap into that rich source of cash so we don’t get pounded by taxes from all ends?

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