Kirsten Keith’s disputed ballot title receives approval

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Daily Post Staff Writer
Two local officials say that it is “disingenuous” for former Menlo Park councilwoman and mayor Kirsten Keith to use the ballot title of “Conservation Agency Director” in her quest for the San Mateo County Harbor Board.
However, the San Mateo County Elections Office has determined it is OK and the title will appear under her name on the Nov. 3 ballot. Keith was appointed by the Menlo Park City Council to …
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  1. At least Republican Virginia Chang Kiraly won’t have to wonder about whether she should invest in yard signs or not.

  2. This isn’t the first time Keith has used a false title. When she was on City Council, she took a junket to China and strutted around with a name tag that said she was “mayor” when she was not. Of course, she ducked questions about it when she got back home. She never gives a straight answer to anything. But a photograph proved it.

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