City manager to take a voluntary $71,203 pay cut

Ed Shikada
Ed Shikada

Daily Post Staff Writer

Palo Alto City Manager Ed Shikada said he is volunteering for a 20% pay cut because of city financial issues caused by the COVID-19 shutdown.

The city is trying to trim $39 million off next year’s budget.

City unions are supposed to get pre-negotiated pay raises worth $5 million on July 1.

The council tonight spent two-and-a-half hours in a closed-door discussion with their negotiators who will be meeting with union leaders.

Shikada said tonight that city management and professionals will lead the way when it comes to pay cuts. He said he will bring 15% pay cuts for city management before council. Shikada said he will be taking an additional 5% cut.

Shikada makes $356,013 before benefits. A 20% cut would be $71,203.
More details about the cuts are supposed to come out Thursday when the next city council agenda is released.


  1. The city could save $900,000 a year if it cut it’s PR staff. Does the city really need four full time people to spin the news and email propaganda to residents. I think paying first responders is a higher priority.

  2. This is smoke and mirrors. If council were serious, it would take away the millions in pay raises the unions are getting effective July 1. But council won’t even discuss that idea.

  3. How about City Council reversing its decision to spend $790k on public art for the new police station? When I ask about this, the answer is “it’s an ordnance”. WELL….how about taking 3 minutes at a council meeting to reverse the ordinance. The process should serve residents (not the other way around). I got some nice art work at Cost Plus for less than $100.

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