Peet’s closing three mid-Peninsula locations

This Peet's, at 436 University Ave. in Palo Alto, is one of three local locations that will close. Post photo.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Peet’s Coffee is closing its stores 436 University Ave. in Palo Alto, 515 El Camino in Menlo Park and 4598 El Camino Real (at San Antonio Road) in Los Altos.

Company spokeswoman Elizabeth Ricardo said Peet’s has to adjust where it puts its coffee shops in order to run an effective business. The stores will close Nov. 24.

Ricardo said the coffee shops at Town and Country Village in Palo Alto and on Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park will remain open.

The Peet’s at 153 Homer Ave. in Palo Alto, next to Whole Foods, has been closed for renovations, but will reopen on Nov. 22.

Within the past year, Starbucks closed three of its mid-Peninsula locations. Last December, it closed its Blossom Valley store in Mountain View. Then on Jan. 25, it shuttered its Midtown location. On Feb. 1, Starbucks closed its 863 El Camino Real in Menlo Park.

Several people walking on University Avenue on Friday night told the Post that they buy coffee from Peet’s, but usually not from the University Avenue location.

JP Gutierrez said he was surprised to hear that the University Peet’s will close.

Gutierrez said he typically gets coffee at the Santa Cruz Avenue shop because it is near his work. He said that coffee shop has a “community vibe” and is a nice place to get together with his co-workers.

Kasia Albarabo, an employee at the El Camino Peet’s, said that she knew the coffee shops are closing, but said the employees had not been told why.

Ricardo said Peet’s is appreciative of the hard work of its workers and will try to place employees from the locations that are closing at other Peet’s coffee shops.


  1. It seems odd to keep the Homer location open over University, as there doesn’t seem to be much foot traffic over there. Plus, it’s not far from Town & Country if you use the pedestrian underpass.

  2. They opened two new Starbucks on San Antonio within 50 yards of Peets on El Camino. Starbucks is more expensive and they can’t make a Cappuccino to save the company. Starbucks killed La Boulange and now Peets. Just the facts man. Enjoy your hot milks!

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