Get Your Meds Delivered The Same Day For Free


Why wait in line at the pharmacy when you can have your medications delivered right to your door for free?

With NowRx, your prescription is sent straight to their central pharmacy, filled by their team of licensed pharmacists and hand-delivered to your door that same day – at no additional charge to you. All you pay is your regular co-pay.

Based in Mountain View, the company offers its service throughout the Peninsula and South Bay, from south San Jose up through Daly City.

The process is easy: Simply ask your doctor to send your prescription to NowRx. If your doctor doesn’t transmit prescriptions electronically (a rarity these days), simply take a picture of the paper prescription and either text it directly to NowRx or upload it to the NowRx app. Once NowRx receives your prescription, they will call to set up delivery and confirm your address and payment method. They can also transfer you to one of their staff pharmacists if you desire a consultation. Video chat is also available. And don’t worry if you skip the consultation initially – you can call at any time and talk to a pharmacist whenever you need. They typically answer in two rings.
So basically, you can get the medications you need with none of the hassle. No separate trips to the pharmacy and no waiting in lines. Everything can be on your schedule.

It may sound too good to be true, but there are good reasons NowRx’s model makes sense for both the company and the customer, said NowRx CEO Cary Breese.

“The old pharmacy model that’s been around for decades is based on bringing customers into a store,” said Breese. “And retail stores in prime locations are expensive.”

CVS and Walgreens offer about 20 stores for every one of NowRx’s pharmacy fulfillment centers, Breese said. But NowRx skips the brick-and-mortar costs of having dozens of stores, and they also use their streamlined process and warehouse robotic technologies to cut costs. The result is that they can use those savings to offer free delivery from their employees (in their fleet of environmentally friendly electric Fiats).

The free delivery is same-day, usually in 2-3 hours. If there’s something you want immediately, such as pain medication, they also offer a $5 expedited delivery guaranteed to reach you in an hour or less.

“We’re the only pharmacy on the market that offers that,” said Breese.

NowRx’s service is entirely available over the phone, but if you download the mobile app, NowRx can also remind you to take your meds and can automate your refills.

Right now, NowRx is offering a $20 Visa gift card for first-time users. Recommending a friend also gets you a $20 gift card.

To use NowRx for any of your pharmacy needs, call (844) 466-6979 or go to