The Best Way To Get A New Car


Looking for a new vehicle? Did you know there’s a way to get the car you want at a fair price without ever setting foot in a dealership?

Traditionally, you’d trek from dealership to dealership looking for the car you want, and then you’d go through the hassle of negotiating a good price. It’s stressful and time-consuming. But HammerAuto Brokers provides an alternative. For a flat fee starting at $395 for new vehicles and $595 for used vehicles, HammerAuto does the work of finding customers the exact vehicles they want – down to the color and options – then negotiating the best prices possible. With their 26 years in business and the relationships they’ve built over the years, they have the experience and expertise to hammer out killer deals with the dealerships.

You just show up to their Los Altos office and pick up the keys.

“We prevent customers from overpaying for cars,” said president and founder Robert Hammer, who describes himself as a “pit bull” when it comes to negotiating with auto dealers.

One important note: The deal is arranged by HammerAuto, but the purchase is still directly with the dealer, so you still get all DMV work taken care of as well as any rebates, warranties, incentives or special financing available. So if the dealer is offering any special incentives or promotions, you still get those benefits.

HammerAuto has helped customers buy or lease more than 20,000 new and used vehicles since launching in 1993.

If you’re not sure whether you want to buy or lease, Hammer can help you make that calculation. He also makes lease customers a promise: Zero mark-up on any auto leases Hammer negotiates for them.
Hammer Auto also offers a wealth of unbiased information about vehicles. vehicles. If a customer is unsure of what kind of car he wants, one of the professionals at HammerAuto will discuss his criteria and help figure out the right vehicle for him.

“I know more about every car in the U.S. than the guy who only sells one brand,” Hammer said.
He also knows the importance of giving back to the community. For 17 years, Hammer has been involved with the Golden West Chapter of ALS, a national nonprofit that funds research to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease as well as providing assistance for people living with the disease.

He has partnered with dealerships to donate leases on luxury vehicles to auction for the charity and has chaired the charity’s annual fundraising event three years in a row. He also emcees charity auctions for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

To find out more about what HammerAuto can do for you, call (650) 210-1800 or go to

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