Man threatens local video game company with violence

One of the games made by Palo Alto's Machine Zone.
One of the games made by Palo Alto's Machine Zone.

By the Daily Post staff

A man in Washington state went online to threaten violence if a Palo Alto-based video game company doesn’t refund him the $12,000 he spent while playing their game, according to police.

Around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday (May 15), police got the report that a man had made the threats on a message board online about the video game company Machine Zone, whose games include “Game of War: Fire Age,” “Mobile Strike” and “Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.”

Sgt. David Lee said the man threatened to go on a “killing spree,” noting that was Lee’s own paraphrase.

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  1. To this person. Violence and threats of violence is not the the answer. It makes you 1BTTT% wrong. This company has wronged many people, and crossed lines that any in other industry would have seen executives in cuffs. People are starting to notice this is more of a financial racket than game. DO NOT HURT ANYBODY OR YOURSELF. Let the courts sort it out. We have enough kids doing this, think of the message that will sends to children if they feel wronged by game. Do not continue the cycle.

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