Joe Montana admits hiring fraudster, but says services were ‘minimal’

By the Daily Post staff

Retired 49er Joe Montana said yesterday (March 14) that he had hired admitted college admissions fraudster Rick Singer, explaining that Singer provided “minimal consulting services” to his kids.

“Mr. Singer’s company provided nothing more than minimal consulting services to our family, like so many other families, with the college application process,” Montana posted on Twitter at 5:32 p.m. “Fortunately our kids were able to pick from a number of schools to attend due to their hard work and merit.”

In his tweet, Montana didn’t say whether he had paid bribes to college officials in return for getting his children into college, like other clients of Singer have done, according to prosecutors.

Montana is one of the few public figures connected to Singer who has spoken publicly about the scandal. Other local names who Singer said where his clients — people like venture capitalist John Doerr and the family of Steve Jobs — have not returned calls seeking comment.


  1. I really doubt that every one of Singer’s clients paid to cheat. Singer likely had a legitimate business and found willing participants to his cheating schemses. I don’t know if the Montanas cheated or not, but since they are NOT named in the indictments I think the presumption of innocence should prevail. Let’s not start incriminating merely by association.

  2. I believe Joe from my having been around his family when his kids were little: Once I saw him as he held one of his little ones on each arm as he left a Shark’s game at the Cow Place very early because his kids were getting sleepy. And that game that night was very exciting, yet he didn’t put what he might have liked first. He is pronouncedly a man of principle and self accomplishment and those children would definitely be brought up that way, too.

    Consulting done straight would be important to the crook to hide his bribes among the hunest appointments, as would meeting with a big name that he could show off without fear of anything being uncovered.

    And Joe would be easy for this crook to read: This guy plays straight and would bust the crook if appoached with his scam, which his kids would never need. Their dad would insure proper study and college prep! He would help them study NOT help them cheat!

    Stop thinking the worst of someone who so many can vouch for so thoroughly, please. Look to the team members that know him well and are nothing but positive about him. Also read the majority of the entries above.

    Joe is great and honest!! I think those that assume the worst of him are perhaps jealous of this hero.

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