Police watch car burglar steal car, he’s arrested later in Daly City

Luis Garcia

By the Daily Post staff

A Palo Alto police officer watched a man break into a car in a downtown parking garage, but before the officer was able to make an arrest, the suspect jumped into a stolen convertible and sped away, police said yesterday.

However, a few hours later, Daly City police found the stolen convertible and arrested the suspect.

It turns out the suspect — Luis Garcia, 18, of Daly City — was out on bail for another car burglary in the 400 block of Bryant Street on Dec. 17, and was on probation for car burglary in San Mateo County.

This burglary took place on Friday (Feb. 1) at 7:27 p.m. when an officer on patrol spotted Garcia in the High Street parking structure, using a flashlight to look into various vehicles, police said.

Then the officer watched as Garcia smashed a window and grabbed a purse and other items, police said. He then got into a 2003 silver Audi convertible and drove out of the garage, according to police.

Other officers who were called to the garage attempted to stop the Audi, but Garcia ignored their commands to stop and sped away, police said.

Palo Alto police alerted police throughout the area to look for the Audi. At 8:55 p.m., Daly City police found the Audi with Garcia inside on East Market Street and Hillside Boulevard, according to police.

Garcia was arrested and booked on two counts of auto burglary (felonies), committing a crime while out on bail (felony), and driving without a license (a misdemeanor). He was also booked for resisting arrest (a misdemeanor) for driving out of the parking garage when police were telling him to stop.

Garcia was on probation for auto burglary in San Mateo County at the time of his arrest, police said.

Police are looking into whether he committed other car burglaries.

To deter car burglars, police urge people to never leave valuables behind or in plain view, and to always lock their car and roll up the windows.


  1. I won’t comment on the obvious, however since Jerry Brown made all these offense misdemeanors, it’s no wonder auto burglaries and auto thefts are off the charts. FBI report says 150 A DAY in San Francisco.

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