Sheriff says woman live-streamed burglary of Woodside home, stripped to her underwear

Akilah Hasan, 26

An East Palo Alto woman is in jail after walking into an apparent stranger’s house in Woodside today (Jan. 20) afternoon and live-streaming a rant on social media before stripping to her underwear and walking into the back yard, San Mateo County Sheriff’s investigators said.

Sheriff’s detectives said Akilah Hasan, 26, walked into a house in the 500 block of Rocky Way in Woodside at about 3:20 p.m. and found a resident upstairs. Hasan is believed to have then grabbed the resident’s cell phone and started live-streaming her burglary over social media, said sheriff’s Detective Rosemerry Blankswade.

“She was inviting people over (to that house) for a party,” said Blankswade, adding that it wasn’t clear what else she was talking about while live-streaming. “We didn’t get a good explanation.”

During the live feed, Hasan stripped to her underwear, and then carried the cellphone into the backyard and continued her feed, Blankswade said. The resident then locked the door behind Hasan and called the sheriff’s office.

Hasan was arrested and booked into the San Mateo County Jail on suspicion of burglary and robbery, both felonies.

Blankswade said it isn’t yet known whether Hasan had been using alcohol or drugs before or during this incident.

Anyone with other information about this incident is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office anonymous tip line at 1-800-547-2700.

By Bay City News


  1. It’s be nice if the burglars who do these shows in the future give the audience a little advance notice so that we can all watch live. We’re used to entertainment from Youtube hosts like PewDiePie.

  2. Hasan is lucky the homeowner wasn’t armed. These burglars should realize that some of us have guns and we’re willing to use them on intruders, whether they’re fully clothed or not.

  3. Woodside has nice homes and I am sure she was trying to fake it for social media like all young people do these days. That doesn’t give anyone the right to enter anyone’s home even for fake lifestyles. Expect to get branded like a cattle with a criminal record now young lady. You know how San Mateo County does it. If you are black or latino you can get a murder charge for jaywalking.

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