Get Your Legs Ready For Summer

Khuu Dermatology

Don’t let unwanted hair or bulging varicose veins or red spider veins keep you from showing off your legs this summer. Just go to Dr. Duke Khuu, who offers safe no-fuss treatments to get your legs looking great again.

A board-certified dermatologist who earned his medical degree from Stanford University, Dr. Khuu can treat varicose veins and blue spider veins with sclerotherapy, a process in which a saline solution is injected into the blood vessel with a very fine needle. The injection makes the lining of the blood vessel swell and clump together, making the veins fade away from view.

For red blood vessels, Dr. Khuu uses his Vbeam Perfecta laser, which targets and removes redness from the skin. While leg veins are a common target, red veins anywhere on the body — such as the nose — can also be treated.

The red-targeting Vbeam Perfecta can also be used to help treat warts, acne and psoriasis, port wine stains and redness from rosacea. It’s also a great tool for tightening and rejuvenating the skin, and it can be used to your advantage on many areas, not just the face. Drop years off your appearance by having it done on the neck, hands and upper chest.

“These are areas people don’t think about,” Dr. Khuu said. “People see their faces, but they forget about their necks and décolletage.”

Dr. Khuu especially recommends this treatment for clients over age 60.

His other top-of-the-line laser is the GentleMaxPro, a dual-wavelength laser that offers hair removal for all types of skin and can also zap away brown age spots and freckles and treat pigmented lesions.

Dr. Khuu and the members of his staff know that it’s not always convenient for patients to access the care they need, but they are committed to making it as easy as possible at their office. To that end, they offer appointments on Saturdays so that patients don’t necessarily have to take off work, and so that parents can bring their kids without worrying about them missing school. They also take a late lunch break so that they can make appointments available during the normal noon to 1 p.m. lunch hour on weekdays.

The team at Khuu Dermatology provides a one-stop shop for all dermatological care needs, including medical, surgical, laser, cosmetic and aesthetic, and they also treat concerns for pediatric and geriatric patients.

Current and new patients can make appointments any time online at For more information or to schedule a consultation, you can also call the office at (650) 969-5488.