Briones principal stepping down to teach

Daily Post Staff Writer

Juana Briones Elementary School Principal Tom Jacoubowsky will be leaving the school to teach middle school or high school social studies this year, he said yesterday (April 6).

“While I have enjoyed my time as an administrator and the many different roles I have done, I am returning to my first love as an educator and that is in the role of a classroom teacher,” Jacoubowsky wrote in a letter to employees and parents.

Jacoubowsky hasn’t yet been assigned to a new school, but he will be going to a middle or high school to use his social sciences teaching credential, Interim Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Anne Brown said.

Jacoubowsky was an assistant principal at Gunn High School for 14 years before he became interim principal of Jordan Middle School in 2015. He moved to Briones in 2016.

“In the past couple of years, I have had a desire to get back to the reason that so many of us get into education and that is teaching of students and the everyday experience of being a classroom teacher,” Jacoubowsky wrote.

Jacoubowsky studied at UC-Davis in the late 1980s. He was also named in a lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court on July 13 by the parents of a Jordan eighth-grader with special needs.

The suit claimed that district employees’ lack of supervision at Jordan led to the boy being bullied and threatened with a knife by other students.


  1. Kind of curious that somebody would go from principal to teacher, which I assume would be a step down in pay-but maybe not in the PAUSD?

  2. Given the board’s penchant for secrecy and back-room decisions, I would suspect there’s more to this than what’s in this story.

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