Developer wants to exceed height limit for apartment complex

A developer is seeking approval to build this apartment complex at 353 Main St. in Redwood City.
A developer was granted approval to build this apartment complex at 353 Main St. in Redwood City.

Daily Post Staff Writer

The Redwood City Planning Commission tomorrow (March 6) may approve a seven story apartment building proposed for Main Street, not far from the In-N-Out on Veterans Boulevard.

The commission will have to decide whether applicant Jacob Nikkel and Santa Clara-based ROEM Corp. can exceed the height limit for the area for the project slated for 353 Main St.

The project is proposed to be 78 feet tall at its highest point. The height limit in the area is 60 feet, or five stories, according to a report from Senior Planner Lindy Chan.

The building would be two stories shorter if the developer could put the two levels of parking underground. But that would pose a flood risk. So Nikkel is asking for approval for 182 feet.

The building will likely get what’s called a “density bonus” — permission to build more on the lot than normally allowed — because 19 of the 125 apartments will be set aside for renters with low and medium incomes.


  1. Redwood City has so many tall buildings now. While it’s great downtown isn’t sleepy any more, when will all this construction end? Construction cranes are everywhere as we gradually become Manhattan.

    • The construction will never end as long as it lines the pockets of those who approve it. Whatever new housing is built it’s a trickle compared to the never-ending flood of non-natives who are materially reshaping Redwood City and the Bay Area into a bizarro Tijuana/Bombay/Chungking hybrid. Born and bred Bay Area natives can no longer afford even a modest starter home while foreign mercenaries from afar are shuttled in by the robber barons like Google and Facebook to cut the legs out from under American workers.

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