Judge says he will run for re-election in June; he’ll face one challenger

Judge candidates and incumbent

Daily Post Staff Writer

San Mateo County Judge Gerald Buchwald announced yesterday (Feb. 13) that he will seek re-election in the June election, meaning that one of the two newcomers to the race is expected to drop out.

Michael Wendler, a San Mateo County deputy district attorney, said last week that he would withdraw from the race if Buchwald decided to run.

“I am ready to campaign so that I can continue to serve the people of San Mateo County,” Buchwald said in a statement released yesterday.

Buchwald will face off against Richard Wilson of San Carlos, who retired last July as senior counsel for the University of California system, where he oversaw the claims and lawsuits from the university’s medical departments and hospitals.

Wilson told the Post last week that he had nothing against Buchwald. But decided to run because Buchwald, to his knowledge, has never been challenged in an election, and is among the longest serving judges up for election this year.

Buchwald, a Hillsborough resident, was first appointed to the bench in April 2005 by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Prior to that he was a partner at Redwood City firm Robers, Majecki, Kohn and Bentley.