Ex councilman calls Mordo ‘rude and obnoxious’ but others defend him

Daily Post Staff Writer

A former councilman from Los Altos Hills voiced concerns about the newly elected mayor of Los Altos yesterday (Dec. 13) after reading the Post’s story about former Mayor David Casas calling him a bully with a propensity to disrespect women.

Craig Jones, who now lives in Colorado, served on council with Jean Mordo for four years before Mordo moved to Los Altos.

“Jean was often rude and obnoxious with fellow council members and more importantly, with volunteers and members of the public. We were not quite sure what his problem was, but it definitely made the job less enjoyable,” Jones said in an email.

As the former chairman of Bullis Charter School in Los Altos, Jones butted heads with Casas over his sponsorship of the school, he pointed out, “in case anyone thinks I am part of Dave’s coalition.”

“Dave was opposed to all we were trying to do, but never acted in a way that was inconsistent with how we teach our children to behave. I wish I could say the same about Jean Mordo.”



But four current and former members of the Los Altos Hills City Council, where Mordo served for eight years, came to his defense.

“In my view, he is decisive, assertive, well-prepared and knowledgeable, but he is also willing to listen to alternative views,” Los Altos Hills Mayor Gary Waldeck said. “Those are the traits that a good leader should portray, and he has them all.”

Councilwoman Michelle Wu echoed the sentiment.

“He doesn’t have a smooth edge like many people, but he’s a good person. He generally does what’s good for the community,” Wu said. “There’s no self-interest or anything.”
Former Los Altos Hills Councilman Rich Larsen described Mordo as committed and passionate in his devotion to his constituents.

“He consistently advocated for programs that benefited both the town and our neighbors in Los Altos during his two terms, and he was tireless in his efforts,” former Larsen said. “I have high respect for anyone who has served this community because it takes a great deal of personal time, energy and a certain amount of thick skin, whether it be Jean or any other council member.”



Former Los Altos Hills Councilwoman Ginger Summit said she never saw any of the behavior that Jones or Casas described.

“He is always extremely well-informed of all items on the agenda, and opinions of residents regarding any issue facing the council,” Summit, who served on Los Altos Hills Town Council with Mordo, said in an email. “While he is a person of firm convictions, I never felt he was a ‘bully,’ or in any way rude or disrespectful of fellow council members or residents.”