Residentialist Keith Reckdahl running for council

Keith Reckdahl. Photo supplied by candidate.

By Braden Cartwright
Daily Post Staff Writer

Some of Palo Alto’s most prominent Residentialists are getting behind the latest candidate to announce that he’s running for council.

Keith Reckdahl, a member of the Planning and Transportation Commission, is endorsed by several residents and council members who have pushed back on development and housing mandates from the state.

Reckdahl, 59, said on his website that the city needs to prioritize funding for subsidized affordable housing, not market-rate housing.

Reckdahl also said he supports laws that help renters, like limits on security deposits and mandatory relocation assistance paid by landlords.

Former council members Eric Filseth, Karen Holman, Greg Schmid and Emily Renzel are backing Reckdahl’s campaign.

So are current council members Pat Burt and Ed Lauing.

Reckdahl is also endorsed by neighborhood volunteers like Sheri Furman, Andie Reed and Terry Holzemer, who have all tried to stop different developments in Palo Alto.

On the other side are people who want to build market-rate housing and who welcome the state’s housing mandates.

Two candidates appear to fit that label so far — George Lu and Katie Causey.

Planning Commissioner Lu, 31, is endorsed by Councilwoman Julie Lythcott-Haims and former council members Gail Price, Liz Kniss and Larry Klein.

The only endorsement Lu and Reckdahl have in common is Bart Hechtman, their colleague on the Planning and Transportation Commission.

Causey, 30, doesn’t have any endorsements from the Palo Alto City Council, but is backed by several pro-housing council members across the Peninsula, from Los Gatos to San Mateo.

Causey’s endorsers include Mountain View council members Emily Ann Ramos and Lucas Ramirez, East Palo Alto Mayor Antonio Lopez and former Redwood City Mayor Giselle Hale.

She’s also backed by pro-housing advocacy groups South Bay YIMBY and Peninsula for Everyone.

Causey is on the city’s Human Relations Commission.

Four council seats are up for grabs in the fall.


  1. Keith Reckdahl’s temperament, experience and proven record supporting residents demonstrate his readiness to serve on the city council.

  2. Keith has done an excellent job on the City’s Planning and Transportation Committee, including as chairperson. He also did a very good job on the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee. He is diligent, thoughtful, considerate, respectful, intelligent, knowledgeable and listens to the community. [Portion removed —- Terms of Service violation, no links]

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