PG&E is buying TV commercials to support Evan Low

This article was printed by the Daily Post on Feb. 10, but we’re posting it now because some people missed the print edition of the Post on that date. If you don’t want to miss important news, pick up the Daily Post every morning.

By Braden Cartwright
Daily Post Staff Writer

PG&E, which is seeking a rate increase, is supporting Assemblyman Evan Low for Congress. The power company has spent $125,000 on an independent expenditure committee that started running online ads for Low on Thursday.

The ads show Low’s face edited onto a cartoon boxer’s body, in the ring with former President “With Congress controlled by MAGA Republicans, we need a fighter who’s not afraid to take on a bully. Evan Low is ready to go, ” the ad says.

The ad was shown between 350, 000 and 400, 000 times on Thursday and yesterday, Google analytics show. It was paid for by the “Golden State Leadership Fund PAC.” No mention of PG&E.

PG&E donated $50, 000 to the fund on Nov. 30 and another $75,000 on Dec. 26, a Federal Elections Commission database shows.

The only other donation this election cycle is $10,000 from East West Bank, which is based in Southern California and serves the Chinese American community.

Low’s campaign spokesman, Clay Volino, said he doesn’t know why PG&E is supporting Low, and it would be illegal for the independent committee and Low to have any conversations with each other.

Low supports Assembly Bill 1999, which would reverse a PG&E rate hike based on income.

Low also introduced a resolution in 2020 calling for the entire board of directors to resign, Volino said. One of Low’s opponents, former San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, made headlines in 2019 after he called on PG&E to be taken over by its customers. He left office last year but continued to fight PG&E on a rate hike.

A one-page website for the Golden State Leadership Fund says its goal is to “increase the number and influence of the historically under-represented communities in the California State Legislature.”

Low isn’t the only candidate getting support from an independent expenditure committee. A “Next Generation Veteran Fund” is backing former Marine Peter Dixon and has spent $719,455 on TV commercials and mailers, an FEC database shows.


  1. Evan Low is the worst elected representative in all of California, and that’s saying something. He was the author of AB2098, which is now California law, preventing doctors from speaking openly to their patients. They must follow the edicts of the state or lose their license. He was also the author of the failed AB1993, which would have required the covid shot for ALL employment in California — every single job.

    Evan Low is clearly in the pocket of PG&E, a criminal organization responsible for burning communities across the state — including elderly people in Paradise, CA, who could not get out and burned alive.

    If you’re looking for a bought-out candidate entirely lacking integrity or any kind of a moral compass, Evan Low is your man.

  2. What Low plays down is his bill AB1048 that prohibits stores from having a boys section or girls section. He’s very woke. But the ads don’t mention his DEI predilections. Why would a grown man want access to the boys section of a Target?

  3. So Evan Low who pretends to be the most progressive candidate on the ballot is secretely in the pockets of the WORST company? Why aren’t the other papers writing about this? THanks for bringing this to my attention

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