Congressional candidate is looking for a home

Former San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

Daily Post Staff Writer

Former San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo is looking for a home inside the 16th Congressional District where he is running to replace Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, his campaign spokesman said yesterday.
Liccardo currently lives outside the district on N. 15th Street by downtown San Jose, according to voter registration records.

“He now works as a lecturer at Stanford, and he represented all of San Jose, which is nearly 40% of this congressional district, as mayor for eight years,” spokesman Josiah Myers-Lipton said in an email.

Liccardo is teaching a class on Monday nights this quarter at Stanford Law School, the course catalog says.

It’s called “Confronting Our Housing and Homelessness Crises: Policy, Politics, and the Law.”
Liccardo is running in a field of nine candidates in the first competitive race for the seat since 1993. The deadline to file to run is on Wednesday, and the primary election is March 5.

Others running for Eshoo’s seat are:
Evan Low, 40, D-Campbell
Joe Simitian, 70, D-Palo Alto
Rishi Kumar, 56, D-Saratoga
Peter Ohtaki, 62, R-Menlo Park
Joby Bernstein, 28, D-Palo Alto
Karl Ryan, 59, R-Los Gatos
Julie Lythcott-Haims, 56, D-Palo Alto
Peter Dixon, 40, D-Portola Valley


  1. Maybe Sam Liccardo can bring the spirit of San Jose to Palo Alto.
    Just not… the smell. And not the homeless on every corner.
    Old Joe is going to be mad Sam’s stealing his home city, which at one time was the most beautiful city in Northern California. Sigh.

  2. Joe would be a 71 year old freshman congress person and would be in his late 80s before he made it to any subcommittee chairperson ship given how Congress is seniority based. That sure is not gonna help Palo Alto.

    Don’t know Liccardo. Does San Jose have a homeless problem?

  3. With the Republicans in charge, he won’t even get the chairmanship of a minor subcommittee. And I hate to say this as a proud Democrat, but Republicans will take the senate next year, and widen their margin in the house. People are angry over the mess in Washington, like inflation, high pump prices, high mortgage rates, crime, a push-over military, even transsexual men competing with women in sports. It all comes to an end next year. The best Simitian could hope for is becoming “ranking member” one day.

  4. Sorry. Sam let San Jose get to where it is today with the homelessness and crime and general downward spiral. San Jose is a shell of the goodness it once was. It didn’t start with Sam, but he sure poured gas on the proverbial fire. Lived in SJ all my life and he represents a low point. He would be a bad choice.

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