La Honda car crash kills two

Two people were killed and two were hospitalized after a head-on collision on state Highway 84 near La Honda in southern San Mateo County, the California Highway Patrol said.

Officers were dispatched at 5:10 p.m. Friday to the scene just east of Peek-A-Boo Lane, CHP Officer David LaRock said.

A man in a white BMW who was unfamiliar with the roadway was going east in the westbound lane when he hit a Ford Taurus on a blind curve, LaRock said.

Three occupants of the Taurus were taken to Stanford Medical Center, where one died, he said.

A fourth person was pronounced dead at the scene. Both of the dead had been in the rear passenger seat, LaRock said.

The driver of the BMW was not hospitalized, he said.


  1. The driver of the BMW was from Australia. There is a construction zone less than 1 mile from the accident. Apparently the BMW driver was in the eastbound lane after exciting the construction he moved into the westbound.

  2. You must know and follow the rules of the road when you visit a foreign country. Australian Luke Nardini should go to prison for killing two people.

  3. That’s really harsh to say he should go to prison. Would you want to be the judge of you. It was an accident. He feels horrible and it is a time to give grace. It is sad that the two people died. I question if they were wearing their seatbelts. The whole thing is tragic. It breaks my heart.

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