City Council renames Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus

Daily Post Staff Writer

Palo Alto City Council decided Sept. 12 to remove Columbus Day from the calendar and instead celebrate the second Monday in October as two holidays: Indigenous People’s Day and Italian Heritage Day.

The new city holidays are ceremonial only, and city employees won’t get the day off …

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  1. You people are one of the reasons we have a dysfunctional communities.
    Why don’t you idiots deal with real city problems.
    You are a disgrace. Why don’t you folks change the name of your Police Dept. to the “Peace Police”…what a joke.
    Maybe you should Incorporate East Palo Alto so you can be Politically Correct.

  2. They’re simply changing the name because Colombia is not a Hero and did not discover America, he brought decease and destroyed generational wealth and stole indigenous land and prosperity not to mention their culture and heritage. Sit Down!

  3. I stand with Martha’s Vineyard. Senator Cruz advocates sending migrants to Palo Alto, CA. Drop them off at front doors of all the City Council Members homes.

  4. Italian Heritage Day sounds great because that was the original intention with designating an Italian culture holiday.
    Focusing on Italian heritage is so much better than the endless focus on Columbus and what he did and didn’t do.

  5. These people have so much time to spend of woke idiocy instead of the real problem of crime plaguing this city. Wokeism destroys everything.

  6. No more half-measures. Renaming Columbus Day is a mild, relatively uncontroversial move. What council members really want to do is rename Earth Day, which falls on April 22, as Lenin Day, since it’s also the birthday of their hero Vladimir Lenin, founding head of the Soviet government.

  7. The people who want to dump Columbus Day worship at the feet of Stalin, Lenin and Mao Zedong. Each killed millions of people. This move by the city council to remove Columbus’ name would have more credibility if council also issued a resolution condemning Stalin, Lenin and Mao — and their current-day counterparts, Putin and Xi.

  8. The course of changing a holiday…such as Columbus Day is just another level of irrational decisions being made in this day and age. The mindset is incomprehensible as to how this measure can be even taken seriously when a higher level of urgent matters should be addressed that affects the people of our communities’ safety and wellness.

  9. and another distraction being played…while (@Menlo Park)deciding upon to Nix Christian symbolism.
    Please focus on controlling your individual sensitivity to your fellow human beings…your neighbors…your friends…your co-workers. Religion is a personal choice and should not be involved in a City Council level agenda.
    This is total hypocrisy. Just because it may offend one’s own belief doesn’t make it right to alter another person’s lifestyle.
    Just because you don’t agree – doesn’t mean you need to change it.

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