Attorney general says there was no criminal activity in Batmobile caper — drops case

The original 1966 Batmobile used in the TV series designed by George Barris.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office has decided against investigating San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and his handling of the Batmobile raid in Indiana.

“Although your letter identifies notable concerns, it does not allege that the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office committed a crime,” Special Assistant Attorney General Michael Redding wrote in a letter sent to County Manager Mike Callagy on Wednesday.

Redding says his office only takes the “extraordinary step” of …

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  1. Wagstaffe, Bonta and Bolanos should be investigated by the Federal Department of Justice. The lack of oversite on this dysfunctional old-boys-network is stifling any confidence voters may still have for the legal system here. The need to break the monopoly these three have on the legal process in San Mateo County is now a glaring reality.

  2. I think this whole thing was overblown from the beginning. The charges have been dropped. I would assume the supervisor who sent these cops to Indiana is getting reamed by his boss. That’s about it. The attorney general says there was no crime committed by Bolanos or Wagstaffe. I’d say it’s over with.

    • Except, the case hasn’t been dropped yet by Waggestaffe. And that slows down the proper resolution of this civil contract. Which ideally should be to complete the car or refund the money (minus any costs/losses).
      And, there is the fact that this was civil case, and that Mr. Racop was following that civil contract, to the letter. And yet, his civil right were walked all over and he was detained for several hours. Add to that the distress of not knowing your legal status for months, and having to plan (and pay for) a criminal defense.
      Well, no it isn’t over. This case could still cost San Mateo County hundreds of thousands of dollars.
      And who is going to pay for that? The overtaxed citizens of San Mateo country, while DA Waggestaffe and Sheriff Bolano enjoy a fat retirement, at the expense of over taxed San Mateo county residents.
      No way, is this over. Accountability is definitely still at play, in this case.

  3. Harassment, intimidation, false imprisonment, false arrest, all in the color of law, would be sufficient legal grounds for a civil lawsuit directed against Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, DA Steve Wagstaffe, and perhaps Sam Anagnostou, the individual who may have requested Bolanos intervene on his behalf. Some would suggest Mark Racop has had his civil rights violated. Others less critical would say “it’s all over with”………….

  4. This whole thing wreaks of corruption. I know the Waggestaffes, great lawyers, to a complete fault. The problem here is that this was a civil case. If our police, can for political favors, start turning civil matters into criminal matters (at least for a while). Then our whole system fails and falls into the kind of Mafia behavior that we see in other jurisdictions.
    There is no excuse for allowing this case to last more than the minute after a San Mateo country judge declared it a civil matter to be taken up in an Indiana civil court.
    San Mateo is now open to a huge lawsuit, should Mr. Racop pursue it. And the irony is that most people in San Mateo county understand this is a civil matter, and will likely side with Mr. Racop (potential plaintiff) in a civil trial.
    Why the DA, Sheriff, and especially Mr. Anagnostou can’t abide by a clear cut civil contract (which any lay person can understand). A contract, that like many real estate contracts (and Anagnostou knows Real Estate) has a clause of resale if the buyer defaults on a loan. Why our law enforcement officers are being used as Mafia enforcers is messed up beyond all reason.
    At the very least a citation should be issued for filing a false police report that property was stolen, such a crime carries a prison term and big fine, getting a citation would be a clear warning to keep your civil matter in civil courts.

  5. Anyone can request the AG’s office investigate a criminal matter:
    Attorney General’s Office, California Department of Justice, Attn: Public Inquiry Unit, P.O. Box 944255, Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

  6. The AG has already taken a pass on this case. It needs to be brought to the attention of the FBI. I recall the FBI was involved in a major investigation in Atherton in 2011. Whatever became of that?

  7. Of course the case isn’t over with. San Mateo County has a very active community of conspiracy theorists and crackpots. But they need fresh material. If the Batman case goes away, what will they make up stories about? They’ll have to pull out the old standbys, like Operation Dollhouse and Dr Ayers.

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