Judge dismisses city’s lawsuit over 5G antennas, now AT&T and Verizon can apply for permits

Daily Post Staff Writer

Sept. 1, 2022

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit from Verizon and AT&T against the city of Los Altos after the City Council relaxed its 2019 restrictions on new cell facilities.

“Because the 2019 ordinance has been replaced and repealed, …

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  1. Our council was advised August 5, 2019 by then-Assistant City Attorney Gail Karish before passing this ordinance that it wouldn’t survive a lawsuit. Yet council voted 4-0 to ban the antennas.

    Voting for it were Lynnette Lee Eng, Jan Pepper, Anita Enader and Neysa Fligor. Jeannie Bruins was absent.

    The city should disclose how much money it has paid in legal fees since being sued, and how much it paid to the telecoms to cover their legal fees.

    Then each council member should be asked to explain why they went against their attorney’s advice and voted for this ordinance. I’d like to hear their answers.

    Two of them Enader and Fligor are up for re-election this year.

  2. Sounds like the 40 Main lawsuit all over again. Council bullheadedly charges ahead, gets sued and spends a lot of city money settling the case.

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