Man accused of attacking victim with skateboard in Palo Alto is arrested in Oakland for murder

Daily Post Staff Writer

A man who was released from jail after hitting someone in the head with a skateboard for no apparent reason in Palo Alto went on to kill a man in Oakland using the same weapon, according to police.

Joshua Stroman, 36, of East Palo Alto, was first arrested on June 25 after striking a man at the Opportunity Center in Palo Alto, a facility that helps the homeless, according to police. The attack was unprovoked and gave the victim a one-inch cut on his forehead, police said.

Four days later, a judge released Stroman from jail with conditions, including that he meets with a supervisor, over the objections of the Santa Clara County District Attorney.

Stroman stopped showing up to his meetings on Nov. 16, and he missed two court dates, according to the District Attorney. Stroman was then arrested in Oakland on Dec. 12 for another skateboard attack, this one fatal. He hit a homeless man who was sleeping repeatedly in the head, according to Oakland Police.

Kenyon Graham, 40, was found dead on the ground from repeated head trauma.

Judge’s response

When the Post asked court spokesman Benjamin Rada if Stroman should’ve been released from Santa Clara County Jail, Presiding Judge Ted Zayner replied yesterday in an email that appears to be intended only for Rada as they worked on a response.

“Is (the reporter) suggesting this person should have been in jail for the past 6 months? Rhetorical, don’t need an answer to that…” Zayner wrote.

Zayner told Rada that a judge could draft a short, general response but can’t comment specifically on the case. He said they should take a closer look at the case.

Stroman is currently in jail in Alameda County without bail. He has a bail hearing on Wednesday.

The Oakland Police report says Stroman was the one to call 911 after the attack, and he was arrested with the skateboard that was used. He confessed to the crime in an interview at the station, the report says.

In Palo Alto, Stroman was having a conversation with a man in his 40s with other people around. The two didn’t know each other. Stroman then suddenly and without warning swung his skateboard with both hands, police said. He was arrested four days later in East Palo Alto.


  1. I recall seeing this guy downtown Palo Alto often. He even approached me once, speaking gibberish. It was clear that he as mentally ill.

  2. This is precisely why I don’t talk to homeless people on the Street. They are dangerous and will attack people simply minding there own business. He should have remained incarcerated!

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