Apple obtains restraining order against alleged stalker who entered CEO Tim Cook’s Palo Alto home

Apple CEO Tim Cook poses for a selfie with a customer during a visit to the Palo Alto's University Avenue Apple Store on March 31, 2016. AP photo by Eric Risberg.

By the Daily Post staff

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been granted a restraining order against a Virginia woman who has been stalking the billionaire, sending him hundreds of “threatening” messages, and even showing up at his home in Palo Alto.

In a petition for the restraining order, an Apple security official, Jose Berrera, said the threats in the 46-year-old woman’s emails have been escalating. The petition says the woman started harassing Cook in October 2020 when she tweeted that they were married and he was the father of her twins.

In some emails, the woman said she longed to have sex with the 60-year-old Apple executive, apparently unaware that he is openly gay.

“I can’t live like this anymore,” she writes. “I want to have sex with you. Please, please help me help me.”

However, in another email she claims he is trying to kill her, so she bought a gun.

Jumbling her words, she writes, “My new gun will never return it at this time before I shoot.”

Sent Cook a picture of gun

She emailed a picture of the handgun. In another email she has a picture of ammunition and writes, “I’m faster than bullets.”

Apple also accuses the woman of creating dozens of false corporations in California, Virginia and New York using Cook’s name along with obscene words or her name.

The petition says that the woman drove in a Porsche Macan from here home in McLean, Va., to attempt to contact Cook at his home in Palo Alto on Oct. 22.

Palo Alto police encounter

At 6:12 p.m. that day, she went to Cook’s house and asked to speak to him. Security turned her away.

Then, 21 minutes later, she returned to his house, entered the home, turned around and went back to her car to wait, according to the petition. Palo Alto police responded at 6:45 p.m. and she attempted to flee, the petition said. Police stopped the Porsche and towed it because of an expired Virginia license plate. Police didn’t find a gun in the search.

“Respondent informed PAPD that she was staying in Palo Alto and that she ‘could get violent,’” the petition said.

Apple security officials applied for the restraining order last week, and it was approved by a judge on Friday.

The petition said the woman recently sent Cook emails warning him to vacate his residence and that this was a “final warning.”

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