City cuts cops then buys the remaining officers Teslas

This is a Tesla that the Fremont police are using. Fremont police photo.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Menlo Park City Council is refusing to hire more police officers, but it decided last night to buy Teslas for the department.

The all-electric cars should be on the road by summer.

Council voted 3-2 last night (Oct. 26) to buy three Model Y Teslas for $115,940 each. The price …

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  1. By comparison to police officers, Teslas are all very low maintenance. They don’t require health benefits or medical insurance; they have no high-priced pension plan, paid-for by the taxpayer; they have no need for paid overtime or paid vacation time; they don’t require an allotment of ammunition, weapons or radio equipment; no need for a police union negotiator or ombudsman; they don’t require an annual salary raise, or any need to pay death benefits. If they could, the Menlo Park City Council would vote to hire robots in uniform to replace the police officers currently serving the community. Tesla would most likely design and build those robots and the council members will delight in extolling the virtues of having their police force designed and built right here in California by American workers.

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