Appeals court hands sides with Edgewood developer

The Market at Edgewood. File photo.
The Market at Edgewood is now the grocery store at the Edgewood Shopping Center in Palo Alto. Google photo.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

An appeals court ruled yesterday that Palo Alto should not have fined Peter Pau’s Sand Hill Property Company for failing to provide an operating grocery store at the Edgewood Shopping Center.

The ruling upholds a 2017 court decision that the company only was restricted from changing the building at 2170 W. Bayshore Road to something other than a grocery store. Whether or not a tenant actually operated there was not Pau’s responsibility, the court ruled.

The city fined Pau $1,435,500 …

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  1. This proves cities should be wary about making “deals” with Peter Pau and Sand Hill Properties. He’s well known in the Chinese community for his questionable business practices.

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