Smart meters up for a vote tonight (Oct. 18)

A smart meter sold by Sensus, the contractor the city of Palo Alto has hired.
Below is the story the Post published on Oct. 4 about a proposal before Palo Alto City Council that night to spend more than $18 million on so-called smart meters for utility customers throughout town. But at the Oct. 4 meeting, council members Greg Tanaka, Greer Stone and Lydia Kou asked to postpone the decision so they could get more information.
Tanaka said he thinks the meters are a good idea, but they warrant more discussion. He said he wants to know if the city got a good deal on the contract. He said the proposed contract — $18 million — was too large to put on the council’s “consent calendar,” when many routine items are voted upon as a group without discussion.
Daily Post Correspondent

The Palo Alto City Council is scheduled to vote tonight (Oct. 4) on whether to spend more than $18 million for so-called smart meters for utility customers throughout town.

The project would include replacing existing electric meters — about 30,076 overall — with the …
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  1. So PA eliminates the jobs of meter readers. $18 million seems way too steep for that “gain”. And, note, PG&E is now in the process of replacing “smart” gas meters throughout the state. Why? They can stop working, and they actually melt/deform in extreme heat (e.g., Bakersfield). They are NOT a “mature technology”, as are the old “analog” meters. I lived in PA for over 10 yrs in the 70s-80s, and their “we’ll handle utilities” approach was/is sometimes irrational (last city to get Silicon Valley!).
    My condolences.

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