Retiring police officer goes out with a fiery letter slamming his bosses

Retiring Palo Alto police Agent Chris Moore superimposed a picture like this of the Titanic on his letter.
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Daily Post Staff Writer
A Palo Alto police officer wrote a scathing retirement letter attacking the department’s leadership for being incompetent and out of touch and calling on the men and women of the department to stand up against them.
Police Chief Robert Jonsen said he won’t respond to specific comments made by “a disgruntled employee,” but that the letter surprised him and he is addressing stress felt by his officers in recent months.

The letter from Chris Moore, who retired on Aug. 28 after 12 years in Palo Alto, provides a rare glimpse into the …

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  1. It will be interesting to see how the PD and City respond to Moore’s allegations. Will they dismiss it as just a disgruntled employee, or will they see it as a sign of a morale problem within the ranks? Betcha City Council never brings this up. Our City needs adult supervision, and this is an example of why.

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