Opinion: In the middle of the Covid health emergency, county officials consider total tobacco ban

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Published Sept. 13, 2021

Daily Post Editor

Santa Clara County is still in a “state of emergency” due to the Covid pandemic. The Delta variant is killing people right and left. Turns out people who are fully vaccinated can still spread Covid. You’ve got to wear masks in public places.

With all of that going on, you’d figure that the Santa Clara County Department of Health would be totally focused on Covid.


They’ve got enough free time to be doing a poll …

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  1. A tobacco ban? How will they enforce that? Sounds like they’re trying to bring back the “war on drugs”. That didn’t work out very well.

  2. Remember when they told us the lockdown would be for just three weeks to flatten the curve? Or when they said we wouldn’t need masks after getting the vaccine? They have ZERO credibility. Now they want to ban tobacco? Ain’t going to happen.

  3. Monoclonal antibody treatment should be first and foremost on the priority list because it works, even on those who have breakthrough cases.

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