Citywide survey finds strong desire by residents for more housing

From page 58 of the annual city survey.

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Daily Post Correspondent

When Palo Altans were asked to explain in their own words what one thing the city could change to make them happier, nearly one in five mentioned housing, according to results of the city’s annual community survey.

Some respondents simply said that they want lower rent. Many said the city needs more housing or more affordable housing.

“Increase the low-cost housing and build up along El Camino with multi-use buildings to allow more residents with jobs in the lower and middle class to live where they work,” one resident wrote. …

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  1. We’ll never solve the housing situation. We’ll build more and then more people will want to move here. It will never end.

  2. This headline is very misleading. The headline says “Citywide survey finds strong desire by residents for more housing” – yet the survey actually lists “Housing (amount, type, affordability/cost of living)” as the main concern for residents. I am a Palo Alto resident and DO NOT WANT MORE housing — I want the cost of housing to go down. To me, more housing is not the answer. To me the answer is STOP EXPANDING and bringing more people to the Bay Area. Things are crowded enough right now. It’s time for companies to stop growth in our area. If companies wish to continue to grow, please find new places (Sacramento, SLC, Austin, etc) to do so.

  3. @Charlie Wagon, the headline is accurate because it reflects the survey results. Your argument is with the survey, or more precisely, with the opinions of your neighbors. You don’t want more housing, so you think a survey of all residents should reflect your opinion. Turns out that people disagree with you Charlie. You’re not in the majority. Might be time for you to move. What do you think?

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