What’s open, what’s closed under the lockdown order

Starting Sunday night, the following will be temporarily closed in Santa Clara County:

• All indoor and outdoor sit-down dining
• Bars, breweries and distilleries
• Wineries
• Personal care services
• Hair salons and barbershops
• Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
• Indoor recreational facilities including gyms
• Museums, zoos and aquariums
• Movie theaters
• Family entertainment centers
• Cardrooms and satellite wagering
• Live-audience sports, such as the 49ers
• Amusement parks

What will stay open:

• Schools that previously received a waiver to reopen
• Child care and pre-kindergarten
• Anything deemed as “critical infrastructure,” such as water plants
• Non-urgent medical care and dental care
• Retail at 20% of capacity
• Shopping centers at 20% of capacity
• Restaurants (takeout and delivery only)
• Offices (remote only except for “critical infrastructure” sectors
• Churches and protests
• Outdoor recreational facilities such as parks (no overnight camping)
• Hotels and lodgings (for support of “critical infrastructure” only)
• Entertainment production, including pro sports (no live audiences; testing protocol and “bubbles” strongly encouraged)

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  1. Gavin Newsom and Sara Cody have absolutely no authority to do what they are doing. Ignore all their mandates. They have no legal basis. Newsom and Cody continue to collect their massive paychecks while they make decisions that send thousands of Californians into poverty and ruin.

    These lockdowns and restrictions are the very engine of a plan to make Americans as poor, desperate, destitute, and broken as possible — all to force us to accept brutal, totalitarian rule over all aspects of our lives.

    Summon within yourself the courage these times require. Say no and just live your life.

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