Police aren’t wearing masks, complaint filed

Steven Gatoff, who was dining in downtown Palo Alto, took this picture of a Palo Alto police officer without a mask on Saturday.
Daily Post Staff Writer

Palo Alto police officers often walk around without masks during the Covid pandemic, even though they supposedly must follow the same rules as anyone else on the streets.

Steven Gatoff, a former Palo Alto resident who lives in Hillsborough, asked the police department about their mask policies after encountering two officers he said were walking around maskless through public streets this past weekend — something he said is “infuriating as a citizen.”

“There was no sense of (them being) ambassadors of goodwill,” Gatoff, 53, said of the officers …

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  1. You’re so naive if you believe Police have to obey the same laws as everybody else. If they shoot somebody, even if it is completely unjustified, they’re let off the hook to shoot somebody again. They speed for any reason, they file false reports and nobody cares. The fact that they’re violating the mask rule is just a visual reminder of what hypocrites they are. I wish I could vote for somebody who would fix this.

  2. Whoever took this picture is a clown. The cop is walking outside with no one around. If you’re that nervous, build a bunker and stay there until the pandemic is over.

  3. Thank you for filing this complaint.
    This is hardly the first time it’s been noted police are without masks. They seem totally oblivious as covid spreaders. Do they think – oh, what if a mask endangers me in a sudden emergency? Well you are endangering all of us all the time by not wearing a mask. Do you or your union not get that?

  4. Obviously the rule is 6ft away and there’s no one near him. If your so concerned you should be staying home in the first place.

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