Steve Jobs’ widow unveils large development

Palo Alto resident Laurene Powell Jobs. AP file photo.
Palo Alto resident Laurene Powell Jobs at an event in New York City on July 21, 2018. AP photo.
Daily Post Staff Writer

A company headed by Laurene Powell Jobs is proposing to build homes, offices and retail across the 52 acres it owns in East Palo Alto, the largest project the city has ever seen.

The Emerson Collective, headed by Powell Jobs, is proposing to build 260 homes, 1.3 million square feet of office space …


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  1. Just what we need in E. Paly, a white knight to solve our problems! Glory be! What would we do without a woman like Mrs. Jobs to help us in our hour of need!!!

  2. Thank you for trying to come up with solutions for the community! We definitely need housing and we haven’t had many great solutions come up over the past few years.

  3. Sounds great, however how will all of that traffic fit down Bay Road? When Sun Micro proposed a mega development for the same area, traffic access was the number one problem. Still is. All roads must be inboard of the levy because of wetlands preserve. The Sun study showed that over 250 homes in the Gardens and University Village would need to be removed to build a 4-lane road over 100 feet wide. What type of housing will be provided? Market rate plus some “below market rate” (pseudo affordable) housing. Will City Council demand the Low/Very Low Income housing that the community demands?

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