Opinion: This should make Caltrain fans furious

Daily Post Editor

We won’t know for sure until the deadline on Friday, but it looks like voters won’t see a Caltrain sales tax on the November ballot.

The three counties that Caltrain serves must agree to put the sales tax on the ballot. But San Francisco officials, led by Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Shamann Walton, argue that San Mateo County needs to share control of Caltrain with its two partner counties, or the tax shouldn’t go to voters. To them, it’s a matter of accountability.

Caltrain has a …

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1 Comment

  1. Mr. Price,

    Why should we the community at large pay for a few well off riders making in excess of $100k annually to ride the train each day? This is a regressive tax. If they want to ride the train, increase the fares to cover the cost .

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