Specialty’s Cafe says goodbye with cookies

Specialty’s handed out cookies at its warehouse in Redwood City yesterday. Photo by Hoda Emam.

The Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery chain, which is closing its doors, offered customers one final farewell yesterday at its warehouse in Redwood City.

Boxes of 90 frozen cookie pucks in all flavors were being given away to the public. From white chocolate macadamia nut to peanut butter chocolate cookie dough, lines were drawn with chalk outside the warehouse to separate the boxes of cookie flavors.

On Middlefield Road, the street which accesses the warehouse area, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic, with many jumping out of the passenger side of vehicles to beat traffic and make the trek to the warehouse.

The company spread the word via social media and offered the giveaway from 10 a.m. to noon, but after only one hour they were sold out.

“We have 400 cases left and just about that many people in line,” the company posted on the Specialty’s Cafe Instagram page.

According to the company website, after 33 years of business, COVID-19 and resulting shelter-in-place orders “decimated company revenues,” leading to the permanent closure.

For those who were able to get a box of cookie dough, baking instructions have been posted on the Specialty’s Cafe Instagram page. — Bay City News