Cafe selling toilet paper

Cafe Venetia, 419 University Ave. Post photo.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Cafe Venetia in downtown Palo Alto is selling toilet paper, potatoes and onions from its own supplies in order to make ends meet. Those items are a far cry from the Cafe’s usual cappuccinos, lattes and Italian pastries.

“We feel an immense responsibility for the employees and our community to keep our business alive,” said Manager Michele Formica. “We are selling items we already use in our business, and as long as someone needs them, we’ll resell them.”

Tables at the front of the cafe that are normally occupied by customers now hold boxes with the new items. The cafe has the atmosphere of a tiny Italian grocery store.

Cafe Venetia started selling toilet paper for two bucks a roll on March 10. The rolls are in a box labeled “emergency toilet paper, limit 2/person.” The potatoes and onions, which cost a dollar each, went on sale March 19. People can also buy oranges, kiwis, olive oil and beer.

The new merchandise comes as grocery stores around the country have seen empty shelves of toilet paper and food as people panic buy items in the face of COVID-19.

Formica said people have been buying the toilet paper.

She said Cafe Venetia started selling Italian grains and pastas last week.

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