Cops get second-hand info about sex assault involving three men at Stanford

Daily Post Staff Writer

Police at Stanford have received a report of a woman being sexually assaulted on campus by three men, a spokesman for the department said yesterday (Feb. 14).

The attack took place in late October, and the woman told a mandated reporter about it on Wednesday (Feb. 13). A mandated reporter is a campus employee who is required to report violent crimes to police.

The mandated reporter then brought the attack to the attention of police.

The assault was reported on the 600 block of Escondido Road, north of Campus Drive.

Police didn’t have further information about the attack because the victim hasn’t come forward to police.

On Feb. 13, Stanford police said they had received a sexual assault report about a man entering a woman’s room and kissing and touching her while she was asleep without her consent.

This assault took place on Nov. 9 in a campus location that was not disclosed to police.

The information came to police secondhand through a mandated reporter, and the victim has not come forward with further information.

The victim told the mandated reporter about the attack on Feb. 5.

On Feb. 6, police learned of another sexual battery that took place sometime that day between 10:02 a.m. and 12:40 p.m. The battery was reported on the 400 block of Lagunita Drive, near Lake Lagunita.

Police didn’t have any information about that attack, either, because a mandated reporter told police about it, and the victim hasn’t come forward.